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February 2022: UX Research

At this point, it's fairly common knowledge that the UX Design field is among the fastest growing in all of software development, but within UX, the role of Researcher is also the 2nd fastest growing discipline as well (Springboard, 2021) as more and more companies understand the value of starting from a user-centered mindset while bringing in experts to do more substantive, unbiased data collection of their experiences. This month, we've curated a number of resources for those who hope to break into the Research specialization, those who want to add Research to their toolkit, or those who simply want to be able to speak the language of their researchers!


Young UX researchers: overcome your fear of numbers to stay relevant by Konstantin Escher

From the author: "A large share of UX researchers has worked in different areas of design before moving into research, entering the field without any education in statistics. As UX research becomes more mixed method, I want to encourage every young UX research professional to overcome their fear of numbers, and start investing in data analysis skills."

Qualitative and interview-based research will always be important, but as the UX discipline becomes more closely coupled to the product operating model, the ability to generate insights from quantitative sources will be paramount.

How to Use Google Analytics for UX Research by Zion and Zion

One of the most powerful tools researchers have in their toolkit is the continually-updating data in your site's Google Analytics data. This article gives a high-level overview of which features and data can be most useful to your experience research.

UX Research Cheat Sheet by Susan Farrell (NN/g)

A comprehensive list of UX Research for every phase of a design project, specifically valuable to UX teams of one or those where research is still an immature discipline.

Nice Words to Watch for When Writing Survey Questions by Jeff Sauro and Jim Lewis

When trying to learn about user behaviors, motivations, or reactions, crafting a survey properly is an often-overlooked but critical important piece of the puzzle.

Debunking 7 reasons for not needing UX research by Ian Batterbee

Do you find yourself regularly having to fight for the time, resources, or ability to do research on a UX project? Here are some tips for navigating those tough conversations with stakeholders.

Measuring Your Inclusive Experiences With the USERindex by USERindex

USERindex is an alternative to System Usability Scale (SUS) that can be used to quickly and easily measure overall usability of a system through a series of 10 multiple-choice questions. If you've been looking for an alternative to the SUS method, it could be the solution for you. In this article, the USERindex team discusses how to use it to help measure inclusivity.


3 most versatile UX research methods that got me my first job

When to Use Which UX Research Method

Using Research in Material Design by Elizabeth Churchill

UNdemocratizing Research with Saswati Saha Mitra

UX Research Methods: Wait, There's More to User Research Than Interviews and A/B Testing?


To Manage or Not to Manage: Leveling Up Your UX Research Career with Amber Davis

Systems Research w/ Jessie Thomas

What is Wrong with UX: Why Do You Believe That?

Winter 2022: Resumes and Portfolios

The holidays are upon is, which means the New Year is right behind. The new year is a time where many people think about new opportunities and new careers. Whether you are just starting out in the UX discipline or you're a seasoned veteran in the space, this is  a great time of the year to look at your portfolio and your resume to make sure both of them are able to help you land that dream gig of yours in 2022.


Portfolio tips from UX designers by Tobias van Schneider

"Creating a compelling online portfolio for UX work can be tough. We can only see so many sticky notes, user journeys and device mockups before it all starts looking the same." - Tobias van Schneider

NOTE: There are a number of other useful portfolio-creation links at the bottom of this article, so make sure you read all the way to the end!

Career Foundry: How to Craft an Amazing UX Design Portfolio by Tom Cotterill

In this article, the author explores some common questions / challenges with UX portfolios in an engaging FAQ format.

nn/group: 5 Steps to Creating a UX-Design Portfolio by Rachel Krause

A portfolio highlighting your design process and past work shows others who you are as a designer. The process of creating a UX-design portfolio allows you to reflect on your skills and achievements. - Rachel Krause

UXPlanet: Tips for UX research portfolios by H Locke

This article focuses on PDF portfolios that you may send out, not a website you may create.

7 UX Designer Portfolios That'll Impress Any Client by Format

This article explores 7 different portfolio formats for those who want specific examples for what good looks like in the portfolio space.

7 Real UX Designer Resumes and a Template by Coursera

From the author: Here are seven UX designer resumes—from real designers at various stages in their careers—to inspire you, encourage you, and help you learn.


Common UX Designer Interview Questions

The UX of Your Resume: 6 things your resume must have | Sarah Doody, UX Designer

UX Portfolio: How to Create a UX Design Case Study

How I got a UX design job at Google

UX Portfolio Review (What YOU Need To Show UX Agencies!)


UX and Growth: Design Portfolios with Martin van de Broeck 

Episode description: What are the key pieces of a great portfolio? What are the best tools for building and launching one? And what are the pitfalls to avoid? In this episode, Martijn van den Broeck (Designer at Google) joins me to talk about the art and science of design portfolios. For years, Martijn has closely studied portfolios, developing expertise in everything from the ideal number of case studies to the right way to handle an NDA and beyond. He shares a comprehensive approach to building, launching, and leveraging a portfolio.

UX Talks by My SoulTeam

Everything you need to better navigate your UX career and getting hired in UX. Some topics include UX career 101, UX roles, Resume building, Portfolio, Interviewing, Interview questions, Design exercises, How to stand out, Guided and Self-learning, Mentor advice, UX Q&A, Side projects, Online UX courses and programs, UX Resources and tools.

November: World Usability Day

In honor of this month's World Usability Day celebration, we've curated some resources related to this year's theme (Trust, Ethics, and Integrity) as well as previous years' World Usability Day events.

2021: Trust, Ethics, and Integrity

World Usability Day Website

There are a number of brief case-studies and quick-snippets from various websites and projects that touch on this year's theme of Trust, Ethics, and Integrity.

Ethical Design: Why Is It Critical for UX Designers? by Juned Ghanchi

In this article, the author describes how unethical designs occur, as well as explain the concept of ethical design. He describes how you, as a UX designer, can create change within your company—merely by following the best ethical-design practices.

The only guide to UX ethics you'll ever need by Kristin Savage

Is your company’s UX Design ethical? What are the categories of UX ethics? When should you start to consider the topics of UX ethics? Learn more about it in this post and pick up a few tips right away.

Holly Habstritt Gaal on Making Ethical Design Decisions

#255 Trustworthy with Margot Bloomstein by UXPodcast

From the show description: "Do you trust brands? What created that trust and how is it maintained? We look at designing for trust together with content strategist Margot Bloomstein, author of Trustworthy. How does brand personality impact the user experience and how it influences our design decisions and content strategies."

2020: Human Centered AI

The design process of human-centered AI by Joana Cerejo

In this article, the author describes how unethical designs occur, as well as explain the concept of ethical design. He describes how you, as a UX designer, can create change within your company—merely by following the best ethical-design practices.

The UX Uncanny Valley by Trish Willard

When users don’t have options, things can get weird.

The Principles of Chatbot Design by Nikoletta Bika

What goes into making a chatbot successful, conversational, and seemless?

Designing Human-Centered AI Products (Google I/O 2019(

October: Grab Bag

October 31 is Halloween in the United States, a holiday in which costumed children venture from home-to-home collecting a sack full of various candies to bring home. In the spirit of this popular holiday, we have collected a "grab bag" of sorts - resources that span a wide range of topics from some of the most influential and important UX practitioners today. Enjoy!

The IA Element of Everything by Abby Covert

When Cultural Biases Become Cultural Friction in Diverse Teams by Farai Madzima

Jakob's Law by Laws of UX

Real Talk with a UX Entrepreneur (Jamal Nichols) by Truth About Design

Julie Zhuo: How a Facebook Designer Thinks

Mind the gap, user centered design in large organizations with Luke Wroblewksi

Accessibility by design: An Apple Watch for everyone

Design for the Elderly - NN/g

#34 - Self Care As a UX Researcher with Vivianne Castillo (Awkard Silences Podcast)

#110 UX Coaching with Whitney Hess by UXPodcast

September: Design Systems

To coincide with our September webinar about Design Systems, this month we've compiled a number of resources also related to the topic. Whether you already use a design system in your work, are interested in being a champion for design systems at your company, or just want to learn more about this key design capability, there is something here for you to read, watch, or listen to.

A comprehensive guide to design systems by Will Fanguy (InVision) by Kristina Halvorson

10 Best Design Systems and How to Steal from Them by DesignerUp and Elizbeth Alli

A Talk About Design Systems — Why We Need Them, Why We Built One by Ana Tavares

What is a Design System? Design Systems 101 for Designers

DesignTalk Ep. 65: Design Systems Zero to One

Brad Frost | The Technical Side of Design Systems

The Imposter's Design System - Ed Chao, Product Designer, Dropbox

Maya Hampton from REI: Pattern-based thinking on all levels by Design Systems Prodcast

#163 Design systems with Jina Anne by UXPodcast

July/August: Content is UX

Content strategy, UX writing, and the role of words and visual content cannot be understated when it comes to delivering a great user experience. This month, we take a look at some of the best work around content in the UX space.

What Does a Content Strategist Do? by Kristina Halvorson

UX Writing and Content Strategy by Bridgette Hernandez

Good content is good UX by Allison Biesboer

What Does a UX Writer Actually Do? by Yuval Keshtcher

7 Best Practices for Using Imagery on Your Website by Sarah Seward

Measure and Improve UX content by Aaron Sagray (talk by Torrey Podmajersky)

InVision Design Talks - Bridging the gap between UX, design, and content with Lauren Pope

UX Case Study | Content-first approach exceeds expectations

Become a UX Content Designer, with Andy Welfle from Adobe by Design Career Network

33 // Jordan Craig, Twitter // Scaling Content at Twitter by The Content Strategy Podcast

#231 Writing is designing by UXPodcast

June: Pride

This month, we are celebrating Pride with reading and videos related to the LGBTQ+ experience. Though a short list of articles and videos couldn't possibly do justice to the LGBTQ+ experience, we've tried to curate a diverse set of resources here to help amplify the voices and experiences of our LGBTQ+ friends and colleagues.

How to make an LGBTQ+ inclusive survey by Mei Ke

Gender-inclusive product design by Moran Yossef

A 10-step guide to queer UX by Roniece Ricardo


What it's like to be an LGBT Female Leader in Tech by SHECANCODE

Pride 2020: the role of design in the LGBTQ community by Molly Long

Queer Design Club

Designing for the LGBTQ Community by Chelsea Hostetter

Access to tech jobs: Barriers & Opportunities by Anna Lytical (from QueerTech 2019)

Note: Anna's entire YouTube channel is full of tremendous videos related to coding, UX, and the queer experience within software design and development. You can check it out here:

May: Inclusive UX Design

On May 13, UXPA-MN welcomes Joelle Allen, Chief Inclusion Strategist at Interaction Traction, Inc. and Director of Client Engagement at kpCompanies to talk us through anti-racist hiring practices and how to find and retain diverse talent.

To coincide with Joelle's virtual visit, we have curated a number of resources related to diversity, inclusion, and allyship within the UX discipline. This is by no means intended to be a comprehensive list of resources on this topic. We recognize that being a good ally and designing for all types of users is a complex, integral part of our work and there are countless voices in the community from whom we can learn. Please do not hesitate to reach out with additional works on this topic that you think would benefit our community.

Designing for diversity by Daniel Jenkins and Lisa Baker

Don't Drink the Kool-aid: Why Apple's New Approach to Diversity and Inclusion is Deeply Problematic by Vivanne Castillo

Designing Ourselves: Identity, Bias, Empathy, and Game Design by Dr. Karen Schreier

8 Best Practices for Designing Infographics for Diversity and Inclusion by Lydia Hooper

Inclusive Design is a Welcome Mat by nngroup

Product Inclusion for More Inclusive Design by UXPA International

Accessibility and Inlusive UX Design with Alexis Lucio by Hello, I'm Alexa

Screaming in the Silence: How to be an ally, not a savior by Graciela Mohamedi

Leading With Empathy & Allyship by Melinda Briana Epler

This entire podcast series is a phenomenal listen, though if you want to focus on strictly design concepts, the April 5, 2021 episode titled "Designing for Intersectional Inclusion with Frieda McAlear" is a great place to start.

April: Information Architecture

April is National Records and Information Management Month in the United States and although it primarily exists as a means to encourage sound record-keeping for individuals and businesses, it is an opportunity for those of us responsible for designing, researching, and developing user experiences to focus on how we can organize information in the most intuitive way for our users. I hope that these resources related to Information Architecture in UX Design help give you new ways of thinking about how you can help users better manage the informational load within the experiences that you're helping to build.

Information Architecture. Basics for Designers. by tubik (UX Planet)

The Beginner's Guide to Information Architecture in UX by Nick Babich (Adobe)

Designing More Efficient Forms by Nick Babich (UX Planet)

Card Sorting: Uncover Users' Mental Models for Better Information Architecture by Katie Sherwin (nn group)

A Beginner's Guide to Information Architecture by Career Foundry

Understanding Information Architecture - Dan Klyn and Shari Thurow at UXPA 2013 by UXPA International

Chris How - Digital Experiences and Information Architecture by Usabilla

Footers are Underrated by NNgroup

#169 Reintroduction to Information Architecture with Donna Spencer by UX Podcast

10 // Abby Covert, Etsy // Information Architecture and Content Strategy by The Content Strategy Podcast

Web Design Strategy and Information Architecture by coursera

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