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  • 04 Aug 2020
  • 31 Aug 2020
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August Event

For the month of August, we're going to take a break from regular programming. Instead of attending a webinar, we encourage you all to take a break from online meetings and enjoy the lovely Minnesota summer weather. 

We suggest exploring an outdoor experience and evaluating that with a UX lens. This is a great opportunity to practice observational and field study skills! 

As you're evaluating these experiences, share your findings with the community via the members-only Slack group, Twitter or our LinkedIn group

Share your ideas via the channels above or try one of these experiences:

  1. Visit the State Fair food parade. How do you see people interacting with the vendors or the parade itself? What’s working well? How might you make the experience better for visitors or food vendors?

  2. Visit the newly reopened Como Zoo and Conservatory. Based on their updated COVID-19 policies, how do you see people engaging with the exhibits? What stands out as working well? Where might there be room for improvement to the experience? 

  3. Explore your neighborhood! In what ways are your neighborhood streets encouraging outdoor exploration? Are they accessible? Is there a need for increased accessibility? What improvements might be made to the neighborhood experience?

  4. More parks and playgrounds are open, what are some ways to make them even safer?

  5. Take a hike or a bike ride! Examine the experience of finding a local park to visit and navigating the trails. How do others seem to be finding the experience? What might you do differently? Are there park programs going on? How might we continue park education within COVID-19 guidelines?

  6. Order takeout from a local restaurant and plan a picnic. How is the ordering experience for you and the restaurant staff? Are there enhancements you’d make? What about the food pickup to picnic experience, how might you streamline that?

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