UPA MN April 2011 Meeting - Winning Big in UX: Changing the Problem-Solving Culture in Organizations

  • 14 Apr 2011
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Minnesota Council of Nonprofits


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Speaker: Jay Morgan

Topic: Winning Big in UX: Changing the Problem-Solving Culture in Organizations

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Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
MCN Conference Room, 2314
University Ave W, Ste. 20, St. Paul, MN 55114

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Entry to the parking lot is now only available from Myrtle Ave., one block South of University on Raymond Ave.

Program Agenda:
  • 6:00 pm: Registration and networking
  • 6:30 pm: Presentation and discussion

Refreshments: Provided

Program Details:

The inertia of improper approaches to problem-solving in corporate culture keeps a lot of success out of reach. The skills we UX practitioners bring to work can help them see and solve the problems that haunt them (and us). We can help them to get over the fear of those monsters lurking in the closet, and to succeed in spite of this inertia.

UX fights for relevance, funding, attention, and a seat at the table. Small victories add up over time, but UX teams still get a small piece of the strategic pie. Our practice has more to offer than wireframes, prototypes, and understanding users. UX is poised to solve hard problems that hold back organizations. Solving those problems is the kind of victory we know we can achieve.

This presentation covers how we can apply our skills for understanding motivation, visualizing information, and communicating through design to win big. We can get to the heart of project- and organization-related problems in ways that our colleagues and executives hunger for, but don't know how to achieve.

The presentation will show examples of applying UX skills to win big in ways that earn attention, respect, trust, and money to support the work we do. I will discuss the attitudes and approaches we can take to win; and, how practicing those can convert others to share those approaches and attitudes.

If you want to advance Design and UX to realize its full potential in your organization, this presentation give you fuel for the fire. Living up to our potential is more than having ideas and ideals, it's about applying the skills we use every day to advance our position within organizations. It's about how we can bring success within reach by helping others solve the big problems.

Speaker Bio:

Jay is an independent UX consultant based in Minneapolis, MN. Currently working on mobile applications and sites for retail and start-up clients alike, his UX experience spans UER, IA, IxD, and UX management. Jay's goal is to transform his independent practice into a collective that prepares the next generation of UX professionals.

Jay worked in-house as UX Director at an Interactive Marketing agency, Senior IA at Target, and Interface Manager at JCP.com. While in those companies, Jay seized every opportunity to advance the practice of UX, while also advancing the quality of UX work delivered. Jay considers his work championing and building Target's Design Pattern Library to be his most significant accomplishment. It's not because design patterns are the answer, but because discord amongst Design teams is a problem worth solving.

Jay studied applied cognitive science, especially mental models, judgment and decision-making, and discourse comprehension. He is fascinated by our field's potential for solving cultural, organizational, and communication problems. As a practicing abstract-aholic, Jay savors the value of abstracting characters and cultures from the surface context. He enjoys mythology and social science as frames for making sense of behavior. Hat tip to Joseph Campbell.

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