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UXPA-MN recognizes that members like you want to continue to learn and grow within the User Experience practice, and to help you achieve that goal, we've curated a number of items below. In this section, you will find resources that you can read, watch, listen to, or do that we hope expand the breadth and depth of your knowledge of user experience.

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Current Theme: Content is UX

Updated: July 10, 2021

Content strategy, UX writing, and the role of words and visual content cannot be understated when it comes to delivering a great user experience. This month, we take a look at some of the best work around content in the UX space.


What Does a Content Strategist Do? by Kristina Halvorson

Kristina is one of the most well-regarded names in the content strategy discipline, and in this article, she breaks down the ambiguity around the content discipline and what role content strategy actually plays in the design 

UX Writing and Content Strategy by Bridgette Hernandez

In this article, Bridgette discusses the subtle differences between UX writing and content strategy.

Good content is good UX by Allison Biesboer

We've all probably heard some variation on the phrase "Content first" in a design context. Allison digs into this concept and many others about how content drives user experience.

What Does a UX Writer Actually Do? by Yuval Keshtcher

Where content strategy helps to set to overall tone, look, and feel for how we write for digital experiences, a UX writer ensures that the copy actually meets that experience. Yuval goes into depth about how UX writers do that.

7 Best Practices for Using Imagery on Your Website by Sarah Seward

As the author says, "The effective use of graphics on your website can immediately grab users attention, communicate to your audience what you stand for, and present your company’s personality." Effective image usage is a cornerstone of strong digital content.


Measure and Improve UX content by Aaron Sagray (talk by Torrey Podmajersky)

InVision Design Talks - Bridging the gap between UX, design, and content with Lauren Pope

UX Case Study | Content-first approach exceeds expectations

Become a UX Content Designer, with Andy Welfle from Adobe by Design Career Network


33 // Jordan Craig, Twitter // Scaling Content at Twitter by The Content Strategy Podcast

There are a ton of great podcasts in this series by Kristina Halvorson, but this recent one with Jordan Craig from Twitter is a great listen about how Twitter has scaled its content practice. Strongly recommend the entire series.

#231 Writing is designing by UXPodcast

From the show description: "In a conversation based around the content in their Rosenfeld Media book Writing is designing, we learn how to be intentional about content, to have the courage to ask questions, the importance of context – and we even get some specific tips on designing error messages."


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