Chapter Board History

The Minnesota Chapter of the Usability Professionals'  Association was originally formed in October of 1999. Each year, a new board is elected by the current UXPA-MN members. The Board leads the organization and management of its operations.

We want to recognize the contributions by our past board members. These individuals helped create our chapter and have helped it grow and mature.

2022 Chapter Board Members

President: Andy Krueger
Vice President: Scott Caruso
Past President: Margaret Bossen
Treasurer: Luis Puga Vaglienti
Associate Treasurer: Lucy Hinton
Program Director: Jalen Evan
Associate Program Director: Open
Secretary: Kristin Sammarco
Educational Chair: Open
Social Media Manager: Courtney Martin
Web Administrator: Open

2021 Chapter Board Members

President: Margaret Bossen
Vice President: Andy Krueger
Past President: Emily Schmidt
Treasurer: Luis Puga Vaglienti
Associate Treasurer: Sean Mosley
Program Director: Heather Ford
Associate Program Director: Jason Nguyen
Secretary: Frost Simula
Educational Chair: Scott Caruso
Social Media Manager:  Kelle Green
Web Administrator: Rich Harrison

2020 Chapter Board Members

President: Emily Schmidt
Vice President: Margaret Bossen
Past President: Zack Naylor
Treasurer: Luis Puga Vaglienti
Associate Treasurer: Callie Myers
Program Director: Danielle Miller
Associate Program Director: Heather Ford
Secretary: Jen Williams
Educational Chair: Rebecca Noran
Social Media Manager: Stacia Marlett
Web Administrator: Rich Harrison
Volunteers Director: Lyle Kantrovich

2019 Chapter Board Members

President: Zack Naylor
Vice President: Emily Schmidt
Past President: Bridget Feickert
Treasurer: Luis Puga Vaglienti
Associate Treasurer: Briana Como
Program Director: Margaret Bossen
Associate Program Director: Danielle Miller
Educational Chair: Amir Elabbady
Social Media Manager: Stacia Marlett
Web Administrator: Rich Harrison
Volunteers Director: Lyle Kantrovich

2018 Chapter Board Members

President: Bridget Feickert
Vice President: Zack Naylor
Past President: Elisa Poquette
Treasurer: Luis Puga
Associate Treasurer: Brianna Como
Program Director: Sheila Studer
Associate Program Director: Bill Dorman
(Margaret Bossen replaced Bill in Sept 2018)
Web Manager: Rich Harrison

2017 Chapter Board Members

President: Elisa Poquette
Vice President: Bridget Feickert
Treasurer: Thomas Engh
Associate Treasurer: Luis Puga
Program Director: Molly Gurtin
Associate Program Director: Sheila Studer
Web Manager: Rich Harrison


2013 Chapter Board Members

President: Bryan Ziegler
Past President: Alan Wyman
Vice President:  Jen Miller
Treasurer: Katie Nelson
Assistant Treasurer: Brady Clark
Program Director: Shannon O'Brien
Assistant Program Director:  Laura Nedved
Community Manager: Kat Jayne
Social Media: November Samnee
Webmaster: George Atendido

2012 Chapter Board Members

President: Alan Wyman
Past President: James Gagliardi
Vice President: Bryan Ziegler
Treasurer: November Samnee
Assistant Treasurer: Katie Nelson 
Program Director: Shannon O'Brien
Assistant Program Director: Laura Nedved
Community Manager: Jen Miller
Webmaster: George Atendido

2011 Chapter Board Members

President: James Gagliardi
Past President: Kevin Farner
Vice President: Alan Wyman
Treasurer: Shannon O'Brien
Assistant Treasurer: vacant 
Program Director: vacant
Assistant Program Director: Kelly (Slama) Denman
Community Manager: Kim Grimley
Webmaster: George Atendido

2010 Chapter Board Members

President: Kevin Farner
Past President: Suzanne Currie
Vice President: ... 
Treasurer: Jay Morgan
Assistant Treasurer: ... 
Program Director: Kathleen Hoski
Assistant Program Director: ...
Webmaster: George Atendido

2009 Chapter Board Members

President: Suzanne Currie
Past President: Julie Jereczek
Vice President: Kevin Farner
Treasurer: Nicole Netland
Assistant Treasurer: Jay Morgan
Program Director: John Kruse
Assistant Program Director: vacant
Webmaster: George Atendido

2008 Chapter Board Members

President: Julie Jereczek
Past President: John Neenan
Vice President: Suzanne Currie
Treasurer: Chuck Quistad
Assistant Treasurer: George Atendido
Program Director: Lara Bahn
Assistant Program Director: Scott Dauner
Marketing: Ben Wallace
Website: Eddie Lopez, Jessica Quigley

2007 Chapter Board Members

President: John Neenan
Past President: Libby Cecchi
Vice President: Julie Jereczek
Co-Treasurers: Doug Anderson, Chuck Quistad
Program Director: Eddie Lopez, Lara Bahn

2006 Chapter Board Members

President: Libby Cecchi
Past President: Lyle Kantrovich
Vice President: John Neenan 
Co-Treasurers: Doug Anderson, Erin Wright 
Sr. Program Director: Julie Jereczek
Program Director: Gretchen Enger* , Eddie Lopez*
* Indicates person served in that role part of the year.

2005 Chapter Board Members

President: Lyle Kantrovich
Past President: Debbie McConnell
Vice President: Libby Cecchi
Co-Treasurers: Andrew Thomas, Pam Cote 
Sr. Program Director: Laurie Bennett
Program Director: Julie Jereczek

2004 Chapter Board Members

President: Lyle Kantrovich
Past President: Debbie McConnell
Vice President: Kate Fisher*
Secretary: Garrick Van Buren
Treasurer: Matt Gregg*, Garrick Van Buren*, Libby Cecchi*
Program Director: Laurie Bennett
Webmasters: Thomas Dinkel*, Lyle Kantrovich*, Garrick Van Buren*
* Indicates person served in that role part of the year.

2003 Chapter Board Members

President: Debbie McConnell
Past President: DeeDee DeMulling 
Vice President: Kate Fisher*, Emily Jipson*
Secretary: Peg Sanchez
Treasurer: Kristi Olson
Program Director: Lyle Kantrovich
Webmaster: Bill Tyler
* Indicates person served in that role for part of the year.

2002 Chapter Board Members

President: DeeDee DeMulling 
Past President: Richard Sit
Vice President: Caryn Zange Josephson
Secretary: Deborah Friese
Treasurer: Debbie McConnell
Program Director: Lyle Kantrovich*, David Prigge*
Webmasters: Marc Duisenberg & Richard Sit
* Indicates person served in that role for part of the year.

2001 Chapter Board Members

President: Richard Sit
Past President: Lucy Suits 
Vice President: Caryn Zange Josephson
Secretary: Libby Cecchi
Treasurer: Andrea Halverson
Program Director: DeeDee DeMulling
Webmasters: Marc Duisenberg & Richard Sit

2000 Chapter Board Members

President: Lucy Suits
Vice President: John Madsen, David Prigge
Secretary: Carla Heffron
Treasurer: DeeDee DeMulling (?) 
Program Director: Barbara Karyukina
Webmaster: Terrence Gardiner

Chapter formed October 14, 1999...

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