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Tell me a little bit about your background and how you found yourself in UX?

Before diving into the world of User Experience Design, I spent five years in the service industry, which instilled in me the importance of empathy, effective communication, and crafting positive experiences for others. For the past three years, I have also been working with a non-profit organization called Life Elemental, focusing on web design. I think I always wanted to do UX but didn’t always have the words to describe it or know what it was. I went to school for web design, and the curriculum ended up being more development-forward. I am so glad to have gained the skills I did, but I was searching for something more—a career where I could apply my empathy and creativity. One day I was chatting with my manager’s husband who was a UX Designer and he encouraged me to enroll in Prime Digital Academy, which I did. The collaborative and holistic nature of the program, coupled with the expertise of the instructors, made it a wonderfully transformative experience for me. I’ve been pursuing my first UX role ever since.

Was there a specific moment or experience that led you to pursue a career in UX? What was it?

A pivotal moment in my decision to pursue a career in UX was when I researched the ideal qualities of a UX designer. I found that my innate empathy, analytical skills, and passion for improving user experiences aligned perfectly with the characteristics of a successful UX designer. This realization solidified my commitment to this field.

What excites you about UX? Are there any current UX trends you’re particularly excited about or skeptical of? Why?

One of the trends that excites me in UX is the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into products, and as a tool for UX practitioners. I’m eager to explore how AI can enhance the capabilities of UX designers. However, I also approach this trend with caution, recognizing the ethical considerations and potential job impacts it entails. It’s crucial to design AI solutions thoughtfully and responsibly to ensure they benefit users without causing harm.

Can you share a little bit about a project that you worked on that you particularly liked or found challenging?

One project that stands out is a project I worked on called BandBox, a cloud storage and administrative solution for independent artists. I’ve been a musician most of my life and realized there is a gap in the market for an affordable and user-friendly tool like this. Directing and executing this project alone made it a bit challenging, but it was also great to experiment with the creative freedom that came along with that. Most exciting was the usability testing, learning from users how I could make the product more intuitive.  The project of course had its fair share of challenges, but overall the passion in the work I was doing really drove me. 

What part of the UX umbrella are you interested in exploring further in your career?

I consider myself a generalist in UX, as I enjoy the entire process from research to design. However, I am particularly interested in exploring software redesigns and sectors such as healthcare, and entertainment.

Outside of work, what are your passions or hobbies?

Outside of work, I am a musician and have spent the past seven years in a band. I also enjoy bouldering, hiking, and spending time outside. I am a visual artist as well and do film photography, drawing, painting, and collage. You can find much of my work on the ‘Designs’ section of my portfolio.

Where can people find you?

If you’d like to connect or learn more about my work, you can reach me via email, LinkedIn, or my website. I’m always excited to engage with others who share a passion for UX and innovative design.