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Presenting your work can be tough. Whether you’re just getting started in the User Experience field and are getting started, or you’re a 20 year veteran who hasn’t written a case study since before the iPhone was released, case studies can feel like an insurmountable obstacle. Hopefully with these resources you’ll be typing away and walking into a portfolio review with your head held high!  

Also, it’s incredibly difficult to google good “UX Case Study” articles because… you know… everyone is titling their website as “Case Study” … so hopefully some of these articles will help you sift through those top organic results!



Presenting Design Work by Donna Spencer
Excellent, short read about presenting design work. The book is mostly about showing work in the context of a presentation, but all the info is transferable to written reports, walkthroughs of work-in-progress, and even your portfolio! The medium and format may change, but the information and what’s important stays the same.

Articulating Design Decisions by Tom Greever
A more in-depth look about how to talk about making design decisions. What problems did you focus on, what approaches did you consider, and how did you end up with the result you have today? This book is a great summary of how to prioritize what was important in your project, and how to explain your decisions to someone else in a short and educational way. The audiobook is also great!


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